Designing with curiosity, compassion, complexity, and computation

I’m a senior product designer who uses the tools of design and systems thinking, design research, behavior change, critical thinking, and computation to craft purpose-driven and inclusive digital experiences.

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AI design systems for time awareness

design systems internal tools ux for ML/AI

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Designing intervention for end-of-life preparedness

end-to-end strategy ux mixed methods research

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Designing for data-informed sustainability behaviour change

end-to-end strategy ux research

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Designing for network visibility for collaborative communities

feature design ux review and strategy marketing website


Designing a social app for parents with kids with disability

feature design ux strategy product alignment


Designing interactive documentary for refugee stories

end-to-end narrative design interactive strategy

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Nandini is a high-value Product Design addition to any team looking for immediate impact. With a diverse skillset that ranges from research, journey mapping to design systems, Nanz demonstrated that she is a strong fit for a team in ANY stage of a product build. — Michael Mizono, Head of Design
She was instrumental in working with my engineering team during the delivery of a completely new flagship product for our company. She was professional, friendly, and provided meaningful insight and contribution on a daily basis. Would definitely work with her again. — Michael Tobias, Lead Developer
Nandini is a great sense-maker who not only asks provocative questions but also leads the way to bring clarity and meaning to ambiguity. She is a proactive learner who always grounds her work in theory and research. I would love to work with her again. — Michelle Chou, Product Designer
I would hire Nanz again in an instant! She is incredibly creative, a hard worker, and a real team player. Lucky you if she's applying for a job with you! — Ben Gleisner, CEO
She connects people from across the organisation by participating in high level product strategy discussions and decisions, and turning out detailed designs, and working directly with software developers to ensure excellent UX… — Gardner Bickford, Developer Lead
As a startup founder I am always looking for that perfect designer who can convert a vulnerable little idea into life on the page, creating a new brand, or nailing that look and feel. I have entrusted this process to Nanz on more than half a dozen organisation… — Linc Gasking, Serial Entrepreneur

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